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Ah, Halloween. One of my favorite times of year, because I usually get the best inspirations for writing. Last year, I found time to write a short story I’d been thinking up for a year. With my novel finished and basically just waiting to decide on publishers to send it off to, I’m taking a break before I commence with the sequel and writing a few short stories. I’ve got one hand-written and ready to type up in time for Halloween (I’m doing a scary story every year), but I sat down and came up with several more ideas so it’s safe to say I’m pretty freaking stoked.

On a side note, I can’t wait to see Annabelle! :)

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We got a lead guitar!

See, my best friend and I have wanted to make a band since high school. He’s been teaching me guitar for a year (Not so much teaching now as practicing with me), but with me on lead vocals it’s hard for me to do both since I’m not quite there on guitar yet. To make it easier, we found a friend that’s damn good so now all we’re missing is a drummer. Still, it’s one hell of a plus. Between this and finishing my book, I’m just having a great fucking day.